Bluetooth Battery Voltage Sensor


Monitor the health of your battery with the nGauge Bluetooth Battery Voltage Sensor. The voltage is displayed in the nGauge 4×4 Application with programmable low and high alarms allowing you to be notified when the voltage is out of range, or if events like alternator, drive belt, or battery failures occur.

– Suitable for 12V batteries.
– Low power 10mA current draw
– Continuously measures the battery to provide information about battery health.
– Wireless.

iOS / iPhone users, please note our Gateway is compulsory for the Battery Voltage Sensor to work.

STEP 1Install the nGauge 4×4 application

STEP 2Connect your sensor/s

STEP 3nGauge with all the information at your fingertips 

Click here for Androidor iOS to download

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