Gen4 Recovery Points Front


The stock OEM recovery points on the Gen4 JB74 Jimny are not that great resulting in these round bar points bending very easily. Des Sol Engineers have designed our reinforced recovery points to fit snugly onto the existing front and rear OEM recovery points adding support and strength for your most difficult recovery. Des Sol recovery tip, “Try to ensure that your recovery rope pull direction is directly in line with the vehicle and not at an angle, even the most robust recovery point brackets will bend if the recovery angle is too acute.”

The Des Sol Gen 4 Jimny Recovery Point Kits are manufactured form reinforced 8mm Superform Structural Steel. SUPRAFORM® HR is a range of hot rolled structural steels with improved formability and good weldability. Some typical applications are: Body and chassis components for the automotive industry, bumper brackets, engine mounting brackets and wheel centres. The coating of our Des Sol Recovery Points Des Sol employ a Cathodic epoxy electrocoat (CEE) procedure plus a powder coating layer process, the powder is applied onto the epoxy substrate’s pre-treated surface, melted, and then dried and hardened into a protective/decorative coating.

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